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[ER08] Masterclass: Incident Management for SMC


Site Main Controller (SMC) is the senior member of the company’s management and will be the overall person-in-charge of emergency response operations in the company during an emergency. While the Site Incident Controller (SIC) deals with the direct consequences of an incident, the SMC has to deal with both the indirect and direct consequences of an incident. In order to do that, SMC needs the skills and knowledge to effectively manage an incident. The set of skills includes: providing situation picture; incident potential assessment; developing strategic objectives; emergency scene management; strategies and tactics of emergency response; understanding the SCDF Incident Management System; managing information management during emergencies; and issues management.

This Masterclass is design based on the concept of “For SMC, by SMC”. It focuses on equipping SMCs with in-depth knowledge of incident management through expert guidance. Peer-to-peer mentoring, the highlight of this masterclass, focuses on strategic issues that matter to the SMC. Participants will share recurrent pitfalls and real challenges faced during incident management, and provide sound recommendations to one another. What’s more, participants will unknowingly get to build up professional network!

Pre-requisite: Participants are required to be the appointed SMC of an organisation to benefit from this program


  • Understand emergency response principles and processes
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of CMT, SMC and CERT
  • Functional approach to incident management
  • Appropriate strategies and tactics to emergency operations
  • Incident management planning, preparation and response
  • Recurrent pitfalls and real challenges faced during incident management
  • Table top exercise
  • Case study discussions


  • Site Main Controller


Participants will be awarded an e-Certificate upon course completion

Date 29 October 2020
Time 9am – 6pm
Mode Online
Fees SGD 620 per participant (A-CERTS Members)
SGD 700 per participant (Non Members)
Accreditation N.A
Additional Info N.A
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