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Start your digital emergency planning transformation with the state-of-the-art pre-incident planning system. 

Blazemark is used by hundreds of customers worldwide with well over 50 million square metres of structures preplanned.


Blazemark is a system delivering the total package – preplans that are NFPA 1620 compliant, strategic, accurate; and meet corporate compliance requirements while ensuring safer, more efficient response.

What is Pre-Planning?

Preplanning is a process that gives all stakeholders to a property or special event the “inside information” allowing for a more efficient and timely response which will help save lives, property, money; and help to manage risk.  Blazemark incorporates Standards from NFPA 1620 to gather information that includes physical and site considerations, occupant considerations, water supplies, fire protection systems, special hazards, emergency operations, and pre-incident plan testing and maintenance. There is nothing better to assist with building familiarization for firefighters, police officers, paramedics, environmental health and safety staff, business continuity coordinators and facilities management personnel. When seconds count, having this information at the tip of your fingers through our cloud based software will make the difference when it matters most.

Blazemark takes a systematic approach in pre-planning:

  • Types of hazards
  • What is likely to happen
  • Off-site impact
  • Life-safety hazards
  • Environmental implications
  • Degree of probability incident will occur
  • Business continuity, salvage concerns, etc

Features and Benefits:

  • NFPA 1620 compliant preplanning software
  • Browser / Cloud-based software
  • Preserve prior work
  • Customize structure template
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Comprehensive water supply support
  • Print preplan information
  • Unlimited users
  • Share with mutual aid organisations
  • Control user role
  • Secure notes section
  • Interface with other applications
  • Integrate weblink references
  • Single touch navigation
  • Real-time editing


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