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ERCM’s Workplace Safety and Health Policy

ERCM Consultancy’s main priority is to conduct its business operations in a responsible manner,  which assures the workplace safety and health of people, minimizing environmental impact, sustaining quality of products/services rendered and in compliance with every applicable legal and other requirements in locations where we operate.

To achieve this business ethos and philosophy, ERCM Consultancy utilizes appropriate resources that are intended to:

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  • Promote Leadership and its commitment to improve Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) culture, prevent injuries, ill health and adverse impacts on the environment;
  • Provide a framework that will comply with regulatory, client and other applicable requirements;
  • Establish clear WSH roles and responsibilities for every individual, including the right to STOP WORK where conditions or practices are deemed unsafe;
  • Establish a robust Risk Management process where all potential risks and imminent hazards arising from ERCM Consultancy activities are proactively identified, evaluated and effectively managed
  • Maintain constant vigilance and readiness to prevent and where required, respond to and effectively manage emergencies; and
  • Continually monitor and identify areas for improvements within the current Risk Management and other applicable WSH processes

This Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Policy is applicable to all ERCM Consultancy personnel, subcontractors and external stakeholders, as appropriate.

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Noor Azlan Musa
Managing Director
June 2015
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