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Dr. Foo is a professor of occupational safety & health in the National University of Singapore, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. He is immediate past program chair of the Master of Science Degree Program in Safety, Health & Environmental Technology, overseeing the teaching of Advanced SHE Management, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Engineering, Quantified Risk Analysis, Occupational Ergonomics, Human Factors in Process Safety, Chemical Hazard Evaluation and Management.

As the Chairman of Technical Committee for Personal Safety & Ergonomics, SPRING Singapore and past Chairman of the Occupational Safety & Health Division, Environmental Engineering, and Safety & Health Technical Committee of Singapore Institution of Engineers, he is a frequent speaker at numerous local & international events and had published more than 100 papers in international scientific journals.


Dr. Sin is an associate professor of occupational safety & health in the National University of Singapore, Department of Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineering. He is currently the program chair of the Master of Science Degree Program in Safety, Health & Environmental Technology.

A highly experienced and qualified emergency operations commander, crisis-emergency planner, fire safety specialist, and fire-explosion Investigator, Ivan has more than 25 years of industrial and commercial experience in the Environment, Health, Safety & Security arena.  His area of focus is in infrastructure & operational risks, workplace safety & health, fire-safety & fire protection, crisis & emergency capacity building, emergency preparedness & response capability development, premises & disaster scene security, fire-rescue & hazardous materials mitigations, fire-explosion & incident investigations, business continuity & disaster recovery.


Retired Brigadier-General Dr. Mohammed bags over 30 years of experience in the Jordanian Public Security Department. He is an expert in the study, research, and development related to civil protection and defense, as well as international cooperation for civil protection in the fields of firefighting, rescue, and crisis management. Dr. Mohammed has received prestigious medals and badges of honour during his service such as the Medal of Sacrifice and Bravery (United Nations Organisation), The Knight’s Medal (International Cooperation for Civil Protection), and Medal of Participation in Peacekeeping Forces/ Congo (United Nationals Organisation). Presently, Dr. Mohammed is an Associate Consultant with ERCM, based in Jordan.


IM Rajoo boasts 40 years of experience in Emergency Response, Industrial Fire Fighting and Medical & Rescue. He is involved extensively in the design and execution of various industrial fire-fighting programs in the industry, and conducted various programs such as Incident Command System, Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Hazardous Materials Management and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus in Asia and Middle East.

IM Rajoo has considerable experience in fire safety audits in hazardous terminals, commissioning and testing of fire pumps and trucks, and preparation of emergency fire plans. He is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.


Azlan is a Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management and Emergency Response practitioner and trainer with over 25 years of experience. He is a proven and tested expert in his field and he had won the prestigious Best Continuity and Resilience Consultant in Asia (2017). He speaks at international conferences such as Disaster Management Regional Conference; Association of Company Emergency Response Teams Seminar; Fire Safety Seminar; and Global Conference for Enterprise Risk Practitioner. He is versatile in both public and private sectors. He had set up business continuity management, crisis management and emergency response systems across various businesses internationally and had attained International Standard ISO22301 BCM System Certification for many of them.

Azlan is passionate about training and is a seasoned and qualified trainer. He was the principal trainer for the Home Team Academy and Civil Defence Academy in Singapore. He had conducted numerous business continuity management, crisis management, emergency management and fire safety training all over Asia, Middle East and Africa. In addition, he is an Associate Lecturer with the Singapore University of Social Sciences in the Human Factors faculty.

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