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International service provider in Business Continuity, Crisis and Emergency Management Sign up for our highly sought-after Fire Safety & Emergency Response courses with CPD points endorsed by SCDF Embark on the CERT Recertification Program for a customised team-based CERT Refresher Training In partnership with SFATC, we provide Supplementary Enforcement Officers to SCDF since May 2021 ERCM is proud to be one of the companies listed by NEA that is able to carry out disinfection services Equipped with CERT Tier 1++ Capability, our Emergency Response Vehicle is ready 24/7


ERCM Consultancy is a specialised international service provider in crisis and emergency preparedness. We approach such resilience preparedness as a capability for ‘whole-of-organisation’ to develop over time, taking into consideration the culture, management style and maturity level of the organisation.

We have the capacity and experience to work with clients across the strategic, tactical and operational levels of the organisation. Our versatility reflects our international capability and experiential insight where clients will benefit from our pragmatic solutions that are based on real life experiences. By partnering with us, we offer our clients a one-stop integrated solution that spans across the entire spectrum of crisis and emergency management.

People are at the heart of our business. Our training and exercises will prepare and develop teams to be ready to deal with any eventualities. We also work hard at creating awareness of safety issues through all our engagements. We are sincere in the transfer of knowledge and skills so that our clients can be truly prepared to face any crises and emergencies.

Our core services include Consultancy, Training, Enforcement, and On-Site Emergency Response.

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